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Full spectrum CBD for your pet

CBD Animal Pain Relief

At High Falls Hemp NY, we adore our furry family members so we took the time to formulate a CBD tincture to feed their mind and body.

The highest quality CBD providing a natural alternative to common challenges our pets face, just like us.

From our farm in High Falls, NY to your hands.

CBD Tincture Pet Oil

Top Reasons to give your cat or dog CBD

Reduce stress

Fight immune challenges

Relieve discomfort

Reduce inflammation

Help joints

Stimulate appetite

Help with tremors

Support nervous system


Our customers (and their pets) love us!


Yes it works!
Our dog who suffers from PTSD pre us adopting her is suddenly calm and content. Thank you High Falls Hemp, will continue to support your products!


Boxer dog scared of fireworks!

Absolutely would recommend anyone try this on their pet that is having anxiety issues!



Pet Helpful!
Delivery is convenient, timely and packaging is efficient and not wasteful. The pet hemp truly works for my older, stiff and sore lab/Weimaraner cross!!


Like all pet parents, knowing our pet is comfortable is a relief.  Our CBD Pet Tincture is loved by thousands of loyal subscribers and provides a holistic alternative to some of the challenges or struggles they may have.

Thunderous storms, fireworks, travel, and you leaving them can create stress.  Age brings with it discomfort and degradation of joints and muscles.  Finding natural solutions as an alternative can be a great way to support their mind and body.

CBD Hemp Pet Food

How to give your pet CBD:

1.Place sub-lingually under the tongue if they allow you

2.Sprinkle on their food or favorite treat


Superior potency – pure and powerful cbd oil for cats and dogs with our precise formula for optimal nutrient retention, absorption and uptake.  This product is 100%gluten free, zero additives or fillers.  Premium pet hemp oil.

Effective alternative to prescription medication for a natural treatment for your pet’s health and well-being.  This formula was developed with love and care for your best friend.  It’s more potent than your average CBD or pet hemp which makes it more cost-effective.

No more need to worry about stress, separation or other types of issues your pet may face – this may help them remain calm and happy.  Like you, your pets deserve the very best – and that’s what you get from High Falls Hemp NY products.

Stress Relief – this product offers you a safe and effective alternative for cats and dogs.  Its’ natural effects will help your pet deal with stress and insomnia, reduce nervousness and possibly reduce barking.

Powerful properties to help soothe discomfort and inflammation.  May help to alleviate some muscle and joint discomfort.  Can provide some benefits for senior pets that struggle with mobility.

Safe and effective – our CBD pet tincture is made with the highest quality ingredients, just like our products for humans.  We guarantee that you are getting a 100% pure product  grown on our farms in High Falls, NY.

30-day risk free– we are so confident that you and your pet will love this product so much that we’re willing to put our money on it.  If you aren’t pleased, we offer a 30-day risk free trial.

CBD to Boost Immunity of Pets
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